Pussification Syndrome

Pussification Unc Sam


What is Pussification Syndrome?  



It’s a disease that infects nearly all young adult human males.  It stops them from achieving manhood and becoming men.  Therefore, if a guy is not a Man, he is a pussy.

Hence the name—Pussification Syndrome.

The symptoms of a severe Pussification Syndrome infection, the disease induces males—well into their 30s—to display behavior that is dishonorable, cowardly, spineless, lazy, whiny, or simply unbecoming a man.

My hypotheses as to the root cause of Pussification Syndrome is the predominating philosophy and influential lifestyle of my generation—the “hippy baby boomers.”  The first strains of this horrendous virus was cultivated as we boomers came into parenthood.


Our mantra was “sex, drugs, and roll and roll.” It was a “far out” and “groovy” time to “tune in, turn on, and drop out, man.”

We spent days trippin without a care in the world.  Just getting stoned, listening to Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, and Jimi Hendrix. We believed “never trust anyone over 30,” and don’t be a slave doing “the man’s” work. We had no need to learn a work ethic anymore because we had “free love” and “spare change.”

We invented welfare, food stamps, and the projects.

The hippy boomer generation was the first to excessively spoil their children, relating to them as cool friends rather than parents preparing their offspring to be happy, successful adults.

I am a boomer. Our primary method of child rearing was “no rules.”  Kids need the freedom to discover the world and the cosmos themselves.  They must be free spirits, learning about life by trial and error.   This philosophy was so engrained that some children of hippy parents were named, “Free” and “Spirit.”

In the 60s and 70s, it was the first time spanking and other forms of corporal punishment were considered a social taboo. Compounding the problem, boomer children, now parents, continue to perpetuate and exacerbate the problem by infecting the newest generation of young male adults with Pussification Syndrome. This new 2nd generation hippy parent blindly gratifies their children’s every little whim, denying the little brats nothing.

Sci-Fi Author Robert Heinlein said it best:

“Don’t handicap your children by making their lives too easy.”Pussication

Too late. Our newest adults struggle and many fail to achieve successful adulthood.


The Pussification Syndrome epidemic, translates into a weaker, more dysfunctional, and less homogeneous society.

Don’t believe me that manhood is declining? Answer this question:

  1. What percent of American, middle-class, 18 year old males,
  2. are fully prepared to leave the nest and step out on their own,
  3. as mature, responsible adults,
  4. with a clear plan of action,
  5. for the first four to eight years of their adult lives?

I have asked several hundred adults that question. Their reply—less than 5%.

Only 5 out of a 100 18 year old males are ready to step into society as mature & responsible adults.  How fucked up is that?

While there is no hard science to support what looks like a trend to me, how did over 95% of the Adults I interviewed give me the same answer—less than 5%? I can only say that they knowingly or subconsciously realize the Pussification Syndrome plague is that bad, that the maturity level of our youngest adults is awful and worrisome.

What’s the cure?  Training.  See my next blog.